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The Chef’s Brain

Rest time 6 hour Total time 6 hrs


Restaurant Saint-Omer L'industrie Recipe proposed by the Restaurant L'industrie



Préparation de la mousse chocolat blanc :

  1. Heat the white chocolate in a bain-marie with a little cream, add the softened gelatin leaves.

  2. Cool down a bit. Mix, whip the cream with the sugar with a whipped cream mixer. Assemble everything delicately.

  3. Place in 6 molds (Flexipan dome style) or round containers. Put in the freezer for at least 6 hours.

Préparation du biscuits :

  1. Crush the Speculoos into fairly fine pieces and add the melted butter. Mix well and then make 6 identical pucks.

  2. Unmold and assemble the domes on the 6 pucks of Speculoos.

Décor Halloween 🎃

  1. Make rolls of pink marzipan in a serpentine pattern. Arrange them irregularly on the white chocolate dome. The brain aspect will be total!

  2. To finish, lightly heat a little jelly or strawberry or raspberry jam, top your desserts.

  3. Treat yourself!

    By Jérémy Choquet
    Master Restorer
    Hotel ** & Restaurant L’Industrie