Recipe proposed by the Restaurant Le Groët de Marie
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Rooster with rhubarb and Goudale, mashed potatoes

Preparation time 1 hour Cooking time 3 hour Rest time 12 hour Total time 16 hrs


Restaurant Arques Le Groët de Marie Recipe proposed by the Restaurant  Le Groët de Marie



  1. Day before

    Peel the colored carrots, rhubarb, onions Cut this garnish into small pieces Lift the rooster's thighs and leave the sides on the chest Marinate the rooster with the beer the colored carrots, rhubarb, onions and beer Add the thyme, bay leaf and a little salt Leave to marinate overnight in the fridge

  2. Next day

    Heat a pot with a little oil Brown the pieces of rooster for a few minutes on each side Salt and pepper on the flesh side Add the complete marinade and simmer, covered, over low heat for 3 hours, taking care that there is always juice cooking (add a little water if this reduces too much during cooking)

  3. In the meantime

    Peel the potatoes and steam them Heat the milk, cream and a little grated nutmeg in a saucepan, add the potatoes and mash them, gradually adding 200g of butter Keep warm

  4. And finally

    Take the rooster out of its cooking juices and cut it into pieces according to your convenience
    Boil the cooking juices and add the remaining 50g of butter to bind the sauce

    Serve and enjoy !

Keywords: Northern cooking, Beer cooking