Recipe proposed by the Hotel du golf
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Preparation time 10 min Total time 10 mins


Restaurant Arques Le Groët de Marie Recipe proposed by the Hôtel du golf


The Strawberry Mojito

The classic Aperol Spritz


  1. The Strawberry Mojito

    Pound all the ingredients and place them in a glass mug.
    Then, add crushed ice and then 4cl of Bacardi Oakheart (a spicy rum that makes all the difference!).
    And we finish with 8cl of lemonade (not Perrier).

    A straw, a little mint as a decoration and here is a magnificent seasonal cocktail.

  2. The classic Aperol Spritz

    Put 3/4 ice cubes in a stemmed glass and half an orange slice.
    Then pour 1/3 of the aperol then 2/3 of Prosecco.
    And finally, finish with a dash of sparkling water (for us Perrier).